Eric’s “Summer of Color” Blog

Purple and Gold Bonefish

Purple and Gold Bonefish

March 7, 2015

Midlothian, Virginia

Hello, my name is Eric English.  I was injured in a severe car collision a year and a half ago and had two foot surgeries.  I started a new hobby to pass the time creatively: watercoloring.  Initially I loved all art and was a pen and ink artist and cartoonist in high school, college and medical school.  I’ve been married for almost 30 years, raised a family and had a busy career in Emegency Medicine.  My passion has been fly fishing and I have returned to fishing as my foot has neared complete healing (with some restrictions).  I’m a self taught artist with a willingness to learn from looking at art and from reading about it.

This is my first formal drawing in 30 years.  I saw a drawing in a zoo featuring aborigines fishing which inspired me to draw this pen drawing called “A Novel Use of Cascarilla” about the modern bonefisherman with a hint of southwest primitive art playfulness.

These images are my personal property and cannot be sold without my permission.

My next project was to capture the essence of a bonefish in watercolor.  My angling friend Glen Ueda in California allowed me to paint a photograph of his tagged Bahamian bonefish.  I painted it about six times and essentially learned the basics of water color with one painting.

From then on I branched out to portraits of my wife, a niece, a few friend’s dogs but focused on angling art, my passion.


(original photograph of the Italian Spignone by my good friend and angling artist, Michael Simon).

I have been strongly influenced by Impressionist artists.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I suspect it’s because I lived in Europe for my formative years, love iconoclasts, their direct rapid painting styles, and the choice of everyday subjects and nature.  I strive to employ their classic open air or “plein air” technique (though I paint from a photograph most of the time), and use a palatte of translucent primary colors.    

In my painting I strive for a rapid “grasp” of the subject, -an “impression” if you will.  I desire to show, not a photographic reproduction, but a glimpse of what my mind sees through the lens of masters of this craft 150 years ago sought also to portray.  My modern ability allows the use of photographs as my “plein air” setting.  I get permission to use any image from the photographer and give a written acknowledgements on every presentation of my painting: on the image and on social media -unless the image is mine or commonplace.  

Scott Heywood of Angling Destinations gave me permission to use the following two images from his blog, Fly Paper.  

And to come full circle, here’s a watercolor and charcoal featuring a fanciful cave painting about early trout anglers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my art as much as I’ve enjoyed painting and sharing it.  I just returned from a weeks’ flats fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas and hope to have plenty of photographs from which to paint more until my next trip.




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